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Education should be given without borders of religions, castes, races and languages.

It should be given to all to change their lives and thoughts along with their standard of living.



Shri Dnyanoba Sambhaji Kadam decided to start educational institute in mangalwedha.With this pure and sacred intention he established 'Shikshan Prasarak Mandal mangalwedha' on 5th June 1951.

It was real beginning of spreading education in rural areas. He opened grantable secondary school at five different places simultaneously at mangalwedha, Malshiras, and Mohol Talukas in Solapur district. Dnyandeo Kadam known as Kadam Guruji.

He knew it very well that his work would not be succeded until it reached each home in rural areas of mangalwedha. He gathered some of the leading persons from different fields having love for education.They were convinced the importance of this noble cause and explained this need of their contribution for it.


1) www.spmmangalwedha.in 2) www.dmkgcollege.in 3) www.englishschooljuniorcollege.in
4) www.esjcbegampur 5) www.esjcvelapur.in 6) www.esbhose.in
7) www.esnarkhed.in 8) www.esambechincholi.in 9) www.spmssp.in

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